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ruger gp100 match champion spring kit

The first gun I wanted to get my hands on is the one reviewed here: the GP100 Match Champion. Opening the grey Ruger box revealed a fine-looking revolver, a lock, disassembly pin, and the instruction manual. The stocks/grips for this gun are made by Hogue and I notice that Hogue lists the closest equivalent for other guns (the No Finger Groove Checkered grips) as “Made to Order”. It has the full length underlug on the barrel, too, which I prefer on a revolver for home defense for that extra bit of weight. Because of the versatility of this handgun, it may be used for competition, home-defense, carry on the street or afield, as a hunting or competition piece, or all-of-the-above, by the same person. [CDATA[ */ What I hope to offer is a review from someone who runs wheelguns on a daily basis as a primary defensive handgun, and for that matter, his only handguns. Thanks for the info, Walt. The front sight is fantastic for pushing speed but something less-than-fantastic for precision work. I like the aesthetics of the wood. I found out the Speer 135 gr. The GP100 Match Champion is also available with a fixed Novak rear sight, but I was glad to have the movable option. To begin with, let’s talk about the sights – they’re Novak combat sights – arguably the best combat pistol sights but not what you would expect to find on a revolver. On the bright side, they pretty much agree that the customer service is the best. The finish on these guns seems to be trending toward a cheap-looking bead blast that looks more at home on a bargain-basement blaster than on products supposedly produced by leaders  in the industry*. Agreed (I do like that that PC 686+ has a 5″ barrel, but that is about it). /* ]]> */ Maintained by Down Range Media GP And with a MSRP of $929, it’s not an overly expensive way to get in on the action. It slides on just fine, but it’s too short. After getting a few intial photographs, I pulled out the chunky gun and began getting familiar with it. . That Cabelas model (1762) is a good looking gun! Back to the frame, it’s designed to accept a variety of grip sizes, meaning that the revolver can be fitted to an individual hand with the installation of the right sized grips. My complaint about the rear sight: the assembly is pinned rather than screwed onto the gun. Reduces, smooths hammer actuation and trigger pull, yet ensures reliability on factory issued or professionally tuned guns. I actually have never found a perfect gun of any kind, that didn’t need just a little tweaking, and most revolvers can benefit greatly & quickly from a little CAREFUL tuning, and it can be quite rewarding in the end !! I love it, & it has been 100% reliable with the “Wolfe Spring Kit & Shim Kit” installed for several hundred Winchester .357 rounds & a few hundred reloaded .38 Spl.+P rounds ! What I like: Balance. Smith’s trigger is terrible– but that’s subjective and my opinion. As for the cylinder being tapered on ‘newer’ GPs… not on mine, though it isn’t a brand spanking new model (read ‘less than three years’). The key to adjusting this revolver to a particular load will be to fit a front sight of the proper height. I have one, and I am beginning to like it a lot. I think it shows a lot of integrity and I respect the hell out of that. Before I get to how the Match Champion performed on the range, let me say a few words about training with a … Terms of Use But, I am becoming more & more impressed with the M.C. Called Prohands these handy exercisers can be used anywhere and are available in different strengths – highly recommended. Required fields are marked *. Pingback: Chatting Thread - About Nothing In Particular - Page 648 - Kimber Forum, Your email address will not be published. Having carried a revolver for many years with the U.S. Border Patrol I never felt poorly armed with a 6 shot .357 Magnum on my hip and have a nagging suspicion I shoot one as well as any other handgun. My SP101’s and my LCRx have the same chamfering shown in the pictures above, and my guns are just plain (not Match Champions, not Wiley Clapp, etc.). The gun fired everything I threw into it and the grips did an admirable job taming recoil, especially with the heavier Speer loads (the hardest-thumping of the bunch). Thanks for this review; I’ve been hoping you’d have a look at this gun. It’s good stuff! // If there's another sharing window open, close it. Another feature that I really got used to is Ruger’s cylinder release latch. Then I saw a competitor for our dollar, as I wait for Ruger’s March sale at Cabela’s. ... Spring kit and shims $25ish. Lee, that’s GREAT info. About the rear sight pin, working its’ way out is par for the course. The GP100 10mm Match Champion review is tough, because everyone knows I like the GP100. I have no intention of concealed carry with a big wheel gun, so a little extra weight for a couple extra rounds is just gravy. A carefully placed drop of CLP here and there didn’t hurt none, either, and soon enough the trigger actually felt pretty good. Wilson Combat Custom-Tune Spring Kit Ruger GP100. var sharing_js_options = {"lang":"en","counts":"1","is_stats_active":"1"}; It’s no secret that I am a (pre-lock) Smith & Wesson guy, through-and-through. Smooth wooden stocks just don’t quite give me enough friction, and I feel that the gun can slide around in my hand too much. In a most unusual move, Ruger decided to grace the Match Champion with a slab-sided barrel. It does look better balanced though with the half lug. Despite their atypical appearance, Ruger has done something right with these grips and I’d like to see them available for more revolvers. Ruger revolvers are also nicely supported by the aftermarket and share most L-Frame speedloaders. Hogue stippled wood grip. Again, nice article. The Ruger latch is a friendlier design in that respect. I have a Ruger Match Champion and like it a lot. I polished up the internals of my GP100 and installed a wolf spring kit, williams hi-Vis sight set and some cocobolo grips, can't imagine the match champion having much over it. That changes today! First, the angle: it is very vertical and straight in comparison to most revolvers. Intially I wasn’t the biggest fan of their aesthetics and preferred the old rubber-with-rosewood-insert models. Not sure I would ask my wife to hammer on something I was holding in my mitts! Those use a more traditional side screw setup, so you can shorten the grips, round the butt etc. My 3″ GP came with Hogue rubber that were replaced with the original compact grips. If it is to be used for home defense, hunting, competition (all venues where the handgun would doubtlessly perform well) this isn’t a concern. After Mike and I visited the Ruger factory in Prescott, we were generously offered access to T&E samples of Ruger revolvers – an offer we wasted no time taking them up on. Marshal Halloway, Editor. I have had several very good results with Lance and Triggershims, and his products seem first-class. The Match Champion barrel is just over 4 inches long, topped by a grooved rib to reduce glare and both sides of the barrel are milled flat with the Match Champion lettering on one side and Ruger GP100 on the other. I think this is largely due to being unable to acquire a precise sight picture with the large green front fiber. You can buy trigger and hammer shims on the web that prevent the hammer/trigger from rubbing as you picture shows. He has worked for almost 30 years in law enforcement, first in the United States Air Force and then with the United States Border Patrol, retiring as a Field Operations Supervisor. He said the adjustable sighted GP 100s have a tendency Also works for Ruger GP100 Accessories and is Officially the Ruger SP101 / GP100 Trigger Spring Kit. The differences between this and a standard GP100 are: Half-lug, slab side barrel. The idea when shooting double action is to stroke the trigger – not pull or jerk it – all the way through its arc of motion. Good day! Variant speedloaders in JOX Loader Pouches, along with 50 rounds of 135-grain Gold Dots. I’m glad it looks like a winner. The angled release on Smiths results in a sharp-ish edge biting into my skin if I use my trigger finger to release the cylinder. That would make the new Ruger Match Champion ready to run in any game. Thanks for the feedback and additional info. The rear sight is a Novak Lo-Mount dovetailed into the topstrap of the frame and the front sight is a Novak green fiber optic dovetailed into a slot in the barrel. Not that this makes me an expert or any better judge of a gun’s worth than anyone else, but I do think it gives me a unique perspective on the matter. With cold weather still hanging on here, I have not been able to get to the range as much as I would like to. The Lo-Mount rear sight can be moved to compensate for windage after loosening a setscrew. I don’t have a Match Champion, but I have 5 GP100s’ (the first in 1987) which should tell you how I feel about them, so I’ll stick in a few comments. I started easing the pins out about ⅛” & slightly squeezing one end (always the right end when sighting the revolver.) Anyone who has worked on a Colt or Smith & Wesson revolver knows that disassembly is a complex task that shouldn’t be undertaken by anyone without armorer’s level training and proper tools. Custom Ruger SP101 Accessories by Combat Veterans! Grips are personal preference items. The muzzle crown is also well recessed. Get Combat Ready with M*CARBO Performance! Admittedly I am a little spoiled with revolver triggers, so this one took some getting used to. From Ruger’s Match Champion page: “Polished and optimized internals, a centering boss on the trigger, and centering shims on the hammer produce a smooth double-action trigger pull and a crisp and consistent let-off.” I hadn’t really thought about that issue because it can be fixed with after market parts easily, but your comment reminded me that Ruger should have already put shims in. I don’t think so. XTP bullet screaming out of the muzzle at some 1500 fps. The GP100 is a classic representation of a revolver. In this video I show you how to change the hammer spring and the trigger reset spring on the Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum revolver. I did find that being aggressive with the ejector rod seemed to solve this issue, and a good cleaning would doubtlessly help in this regard. My first impression of the revolver is that it is made to a reasonably high standard. I prefer fixed sight picture and have painted the front sight. In time you will be able to stroke the trigger quickly without dropping the coin. Sadly, you are not going to get an SP101 grip on a GP100 in any cost-effective way. Normally, when embarking on such a trip I throw a larger handgun in the car…just in case. var wpcf7_recaptcha = {"sitekey":"6Lc7X4AUAAAAAIJe4eQz5dfRB11MBm1HZ6DW5PVu","actions":{"homepage":"homepage","contactform":"contactform"}}; I’ve read that a drop of blue Loc-tite on the outside ends of the rear sight pin will keep it from moving while not interfering with the functioning of the sight adjustment. Just a few thoughts on my favorite handguns. In Kydex this contouring won’t make much difference, but this gun might actually see some time in leather. I didn’t bench rest the gun and try to shoot tiny groups. This was no issue at all with the excellent adjustable rear sight. It hurts less and I get more positive results. I just can’t conceal one on my frame very well and I have other guns that are adequate for general purpose use (frankly, my 4″ SP101 checks most of the boxes I would want the GP100 for). Regarding quality control- I lurk but don’t post on the DA revolver board on the Ruger forum. (Note: I thought I was all hot shit last week while shooting my .357 … If I have one complaint about the furniture on the GP100 Match Champion it would be the length of the stocks. The GP100 Match Champion’s cylinder is visually interesting. When it comes to cylinder releases, I have a definite preference and it goes: Ruger-style, Colt-style, Charter Arms-style, square S&W-style, angled S&W-style with a big gap between the first and second as well as the second and third options. Justin. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you’ve doubtlessly noticed that with the exception of Steve Tracy’s recent article, I haven’t given Ruger much love. ... My newest 2017 RUGER catalog only shows the 100 Match Champion. Still, the chambers feel a bit rougher internally than I am used to. Luckily the 3″ GP and SP 101 show to POA with most loads. In the True Spirit of Never Leaving Well-Enough Alone, I am going to increase my IPSC load to ~6.0 gr/ Unique. The first load is by Federal Cartridge and it launches a jacketed hollow point bullet at around 1400 feet per second (fps). Learn how your comment data is processed. Ruger calls it the crane latch pivot. 3″ GP is my main carry gun. Lining up the sights for a precision shot felt like attempting the center a round peg in a square hole. This Evolution Gun Works - EGW Ruger gp100 Red Dot Mount Fits: Ruger Blackhawk; Ruger Redhawk; GP100 (with adjustable rear sights) GP100 Match Champion; Simply remove the rear sight on your gun and replace it with our mount in order to mount yourVortex Viper/Venom, Burris FastFire, or Docter red-dot sight. /*

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